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Consultancy and Administrative task

HOAM has gained wide recognition in the realm of association administration, project management and community management services. The company possess broad understanding and knowledge of local environment, which encompasses its team to facilitate administrative assistance and consultancy services to owners in the following areas:

  • Managing the day to day administration of the community
  • Organize and manage Association Meetings
  • Maintain Community's Assets
  • Maintain service records
  • Organize General Assembly
  • Monitor FM Services and Specialist Contractors Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Maintain all records relating to the community and guarding confidentiality of all such records
  • Obtain necessary approvals from relevant authorities (DCD, etc.)
  • Monitoring Community's utility usage

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Community Management

HOAM allocate functional guidance to the owners and Board to assure that the community functions in a well ordered manner without disruption and is secured 24/7 . Moreover, HOAM ensures to follow community requirement in context of functions and maintenance to establish market best practices are implemented to maintain common area facilities.

  • Acquiring and compiling customer data
  • Drafting community rules
  • Floating RFP to maintain FM contractor
  • Preparing initial budget
  • Floating RFP for specialist services contractor
  • Preparing Projected Cash flows
  • Establishing books of accounts
  • Establishing reserve fund
  • Raising initial service charge invoices

Financial Framework

HOAM facilitate all its stakeholders with full guidelines of financial services. These services consist of providing access to residents of community management software, disclosing annual budget to the owners in the general assembly, conducting yearly audit from RERA registered audit firm and maintaining community book of accounts at all time in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

  • Maintaining Community's financial records
  • Preparing projected cash flow statements
  • Prepare monthly financial reports highlighting the financial health of the community
  • Matching cash inflows and outflows
  • Maintain the bank account for the community
  • Issue invoices for Service Chagres
  • Maintaining Service Charge Ledgers
  • Service Charges recovery follow-up
  • Monitor Contractual payments
  • Establish Reserve Fund
  • Preparing final accounts at year end

financial managment
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Legal Implications

HOAM has managed to possess a profound understanding and knowledge of Dubai laws, rules and regulation which enable its team to provide expert opinion and advisory services in the following domain:

  • Maintain and monitor list of statutory requirements of the community (e.g. third party certificates, testing of fire alarms and fire fighting, generators, central battery systems etc.)
  • Fulfilling all statutory requirements imposed by the relevant authorities including but not limited to RERA, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Police, Dubai Civil Defense, etc.
  • Monitoring civil defense code
  • Liaison with the Association's Lawyer
  • Manage & Maintain Community's Insurance policies