About HOAM


Best OAM Dubai

HOAM is one of the leading ​Owners' ​A​ssociation ​M​anagement ​ Service Provider in Dubai. We at HOAM integrate practical experience ​of​ local environment with international knowledge to provide ​efficient service and ​manage​ communit​ies ​in line with laws.

HOAM is also committed to providing board members with best guidance and advice on how to deal with their responsibilities. Moreover, HOAM also ensure handover of assets, documents and funds from the developer to the owners association in the rightful manner.

We at HOAM always encourage innovative products ​, these result in stakeholders hav​ing real time updates on building information.

What makes HOAM stand out

  • Thorough understanding of the applicability of Jointly​Owned​Property law
  • Provide quality services in an efficient and effective manner
  • State of the art community management software
  • Technical, legal, financial and other consultancy services


To increase property values and to increase the sense of community in the development we manage


Our core business is to collaborate with local authorities, board Members, homeowners, service providers and all other stakeholders to bring about community enhancement in owners association.


Our goal is to provide quality living standards to residents


Set out guideline with best practices to cater to highest customer satisfaction in an efficient and effective manner.

Creative Solution

Provide a platform for innovation and growth to construe lateral thinking thought process and bring about positive change


Build healthy and long lasting relationships with all stakeholders based on transparent and honest functioning